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Uncertainties are a major part of life and everyone has to deal with them, when it comes to cars, the best way to deal with uncertainties is with the help of insurance. Car insurance companies cover the car in cases of theft, damage, and other “uncertainties”. Signing up with an insurance company is no small thing, you need to use an insurance company that is both trustworthy and very effective too. If you are having trouble deciding on a car insurance company, look no further as we would highlight some of the best car insurance companies in Ontario

  • Onlia Insurance
  • Aviva insurance
  • Canadian Auto Association (CAA)
  • Economical Insurance
  • Intact Insurance
  • Sonnet Insurance
  • Belairdirect insurance

Onlia Insurance

This is an insurance company based in Ontario that promotes stress-free insurance with everything done online. They provide easy-to-read insurance policies, 24/7 claims support, and flexible policies.

One of the perks of Onlia is its usage-based insurance program that uses telematics technology to track drivers’ habits and allows them to offer insurance coverage tailored to suit each client’s needs. For example, drivers who display safe driving habits will be offered discounts, and they get to save a few bucks more than those who display unsafe driving habits.

Aviva Insurance

This is one of the largest insurance companies in Canada, providing coverage for over 3 million Canadians. The company offers a discount for clients with safe driving habits which includes; installing an emergency brake system and going three years without a conviction.

They also offer coverage for transportation replacement, conviction protection, collision protection, accident rating waiver, comprehensive coverage, etc. Aviva also features a ride-sharing insurance policy, which is used for people who use their cars for commercial purposes. Additionally, they have a 24/7 claims service that can be reached online or through telephone

Canadian Auto Association (CAA)

CAA provides insurance coverage for cars, houses, pets, health, life, and travel insurance. It was established in 1974 and since then has provided coverage for over 6 million people. They attach a tracking device to clients’ vehicles to enable them to monitor and track clients’ driving habits, this helps them offer insurance policies that are better suited to them.

They also offer discounts for clients who use multiple policies under the company, the discount also applies to clients who use the CAA connect program and those who install snow tires on their vehicles too. For convenience, CAA has an application that allows users to view their insurance information, find nearby gas stations, and lots more.

Economical Insurance

This insurance company was founded in 1871 and it has its headquarters in Ontario. They offer discounts for clients with good driving habits, clients who also insure multiple vehicles and those who take it a step further by installing anti-thefts systems get to enjoy great discounts too.

Even more, the Company offers different types of insurance for a wide range of clientele. High-risk insurance is available for clients with bad driving records and habits, group insurance is also available for companies. Economical also offers special insurance policies for motorcycles, antique vehicles, recreational vehicles, and motorhomes too.

Intact Insurance

Intact was founded in 1809 and it has become one of the leading insurance companies in Canada, providing insurance services to over 5 million Canadians. For customers who participate in a driver education program and those who bundle their auto and home insurance, Intact offers people in these categories discounts on their insurance fees. That’s not all as clients with good driving habits can benefit from the discounts as well.

The company has an app that is used to monitor and track clients’ driving habits, this helps them to provide insurance policies tailored to fit each client’s needs perfectly. Intact offers insurance coverage for motorcycles, Snowmobiles, and boats. Their claims service is open 24/7 and their representatives can be reached on the phone or online.

Sonnet Insurance

The Sonnet was launched in 2016 and it became one of Canada’s first fully online insurance company. Using innovative technology, Sonnet has provided a very convenient way for Canadians to buy insurance from the comfort of their homes. They have a website that is both user-friendly and very easy to navigate, generating a quote can be done in just 5 minutes.

For security purposes, the website requires two-factor authentication when you log in, this is to ensure that all the details submitted during the process of acquiring insurance remain private. Their payment portals are safe and secure too. They offer discounts for groups & associations, insuring multiple vehicles under them, bundling with home insurance, and lots more.


This insurance company originated in Ontario in 1955 and they have made a name for themselves as they always find convenient ways to offer insurance services to clients. They offer discounts for clients who insure multiple vehicles, clients who bundle their home and auto insurance, and clients with safe driving habits. Groups and associations also get to enjoy discounts as well.

The accident forgiveness program is available here and it is offered to drivers for their first-at-fault accident. The website is very user-friendly and clients can reach out to their reps and get a quote in just a few clicks.


It is important to note that the level or range of insurance coverage depends on a variety of factors including the insurance policy offered, customer service, and the integrity of the insurance company in question. It always helps to do your due diligence on an insurance company before signing up with them and it helps to give your insurance policy a thorough read-through to ensure that you familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions to avoid surprises that emerge in times when you need your insurance coverage the most.

About the Author: Robert Davis

He is an insurance content professional with vast knowledge and a special aptitude and interest in imparting insurance education. He has authored many articles on insurance.

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