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In Ontario, you may have to pay pretty steep car insurance premiums between the ages 16 to 24 years. Then you hit the magic age number 25. You rejoice at the dip that your car insurance premiums take. This happiness may last for another 3 decades. That is if you are one of those lucky ones who live to be 55 years old and can still drive around.

The best time to get loyalty discounts and lower insurance premiums seems to be when you are middle aged. But this is not true once you reach the age of 55. So at this age, it does become crucial for aged drivers to do some serious shopping for insurance quotes. Age is a factor for car premiums to be calculated.[1]

Are You A High-Risk Driver As You Age

As per insurance companies, as you age the capacity to handle driving situations may decline. The motor skills and coordination may be less proactive. The reflex action required under certain circumstances may not be as sharp as before you age. This though may not be a general opinion. But insurance companies work out premiums based on various criteria other than age.

How Do You Get A Good Rate For The Elderly

Ask For Discounts


Car insurance premiums do increase from the age of 55. You may try to check with your car insurance about getting a discount on your premiums. While age is not a factor under your control, there are other criteria that may be. Let us check out the ways in which you may try to save some money on car insurance as you reach the age of 55 years.

Clean Abstract

You may ask the insurance company to check your clean driving records and claims over a period of time. This is assuming that you do have an impeccable driving record.

Ask For Discounts

To try and bundle other policies together would be a good idea. You could get a multi-product discount. You may take home insurance, car insurance, health insurance etc. from the same provider. It may not be easy to do all in one go as all these may have different renewal dates. But you may favor some discount when you give more business to the same company. They will streamline your payments too that could be less of a hassle and pass on some savings to you.

Check On QuoteFinder’s Calculator

It would be a great idea to check on QuoteFinder’s car insurance calculator to work a good deal for your car insurance. They have already done the legwork and could easily compare and give you quotes from different companies to help you get the lowest premium rates.

Ask For Group Rate

You may try to buy car insurance through some organizations or clubs. You may be a member in those and that could help you gain a group rate. This rate may be slightly lower than what you would have paid on your own.


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