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Many labour unions seek out group package deals to offer to their members, and teachers’ unions and professional groups are no different. The concept makes sense when it comes to insurance. The insurance companies that make deals get exclusive exposure to a consumer group while the teachers themselves get discounts that usually apply on top of those that a regular person enjoys. And it’s not just insurance. Car repairs, car rentals and driver training discounts are just some of the automobile related savings. Other deals are available on clothing, shoes, electronics, fitness and entertainment. Most teachers’ groups operate provincially, so offers vary by both province and teachers’ organization. Here are some typical plans across the country.

Teachers Discounts in Ontario

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The Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan is a complete service insurance company available to members of the Ontario teachers’ community. OTIP operates on a not for profit basis to supply teachers – part time, full time and retired – with a variety of products including life, home, health, and dental care, as well as auto coverage. OTIP also sponsors the Edvantage Program, which supplies a number of exclusive deals to teachers, who are automatically eligible once they receive their association membership card.

Deals for Teachers in British Columbia


The situation in British Columbia is a little different. It’s one of four provinces, along with Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Quebec, with complete or partial public insurance coverage, but since optional auto insurance products are sold through the private insurance market, the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation has partnered with Canadian Direct Insurance to provide discounts on optional coverage, such as collision, comprehensive and excess third-party liability coverage. CDI also offers home and travel insurance products as well as administering the BCTF’s group benefits. Like Ontario, the BCTF Advantage program offers deals from other business partners as well, covering a wide range of products and services.

Deals and Discounts in Nova Scotia

The Nova Scotia Teachers Union membership card serves as access to a wide range of discounts. While no insurance provider is currently listed on the NSTU’s discount partners pages, auto service, car rentals, auto glass repair, tires, and car sales are all represented. The NSTU site suggests that teachers show their cards wherever they shop to see what other deals local businesses may offer.

These are three typical examples of provincial programs that pool businesses and offer discounts, deals and great prices for teachers. When it comes to car insurance, though, even teachers should compare prices now and then to ensure that the coverage available through a program partner is the best available for their individual needs. Not all insurers calculate premiums in the same way, so it’s possible that another company may provide lower cost coverage, even when taking the teachers’ discount into account.

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