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Desjardins is a well-known insurance company that has been serving Canadians for over a century. The company started in Quebec but is now well known across the country. They provide the home, auto, life, health, pet and credit coverage. Taking things one step further, Desjardins is also starting to expand internationally.

Desjardins Car Insurance

When it comes to car insurance deals, Desjardins takes the lead! They offer many different perks depending on the plan you choose and your driving needs. Residents in Quebec qualify for even more bonuses. Check out a few of the reasons why Desjardins may be worth looking in to.


Make your car insurance high-tech with Ajusto. Desjardins usage-based program rewards your actual driving habits. All of your stats are recorded on an app that can be downloaded on your smartphone. You can track how you’re driving, and learn what you need to do to save money. Best of all, your premiums will never go up from this data, you’ll only be rewarded if your score gets better!

Perks for Members

Just for signing up you’ll find yourself $50 richer! Have more than one car? No problem! Desjardins will give you a rebate on each vehicle on the plan. Members also get access to free roadside assistance. Because of this, you can travel with your mind at ease. Furthermore, Desjardins rewards loyalty! If you’re in your third year with them, you qualify for a discount. They also have special prices for members driving greener vehicles.


Many of Desjardins’ great deals aren’t available to people outside of Quebec. Due to this, the majority of Canadians do not choose Desjardins as their insurance company. Reviews around the web have a more negative tone outside of the French province as well.

Customer Service

Customer Service Representatives

Members can file a claim 24/7. If you need help with your claim, their reps can be reached over the phone or online. They are happy to help you whether you need plan details explained or extra info after an accident.


Customers have options with Desjardins. For those looking for extra care, they offer depreciation coverage. This means that even if your vehicle goes down in value, you still get new parts! Another option promises that you get more back in the event of an accident than you originally paid for. That is some cushy care!

Overall Assessment

Canadians in Quebec are spoiled with Desjardins car insurance. The other provinces seem to have worse experiences with this company. Most other car insurance companies do not offer half as many perks as Desjardins. With a loyalty program and countless discounts, they know how to keep their customers. That being said, almost all of the perks are not available outside of Quebec. Additionally, members can maneuver through their website with ease.

It’s no surprise that this company’s motto is about improving the community. An insurance company that is not afraid to give back is a fresh idea. If you live in Quebec, it may be worth checking out what Desjardins has to offer you. Under 25? Don’t worry! They pride themselves on how they cater to young drivers. And let’s be honest, newbies probably need insurance the most.


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