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There are lots of reasons you may have high auto insurance premiums. Perhaps you’re a teen driver, or have one in your household. Perhaps you’ve had one too many speeding tickets or were involved in a major auto accident. Whatever the reason, if you’re paying high insurance premiums, you’re probably looking for ways to lower your payments or to avoid car insurance surcharges that could get your insurance canceled or raised beyond the point of affordability.


One of the easiest way to avoid surcharges is to just drive better. If that’s not an option for you, you can always try taking a driving course. A driving course aimed at helping you learn to avoid accidents or correct bad driving behaviors can be a real asset when it comes time to purchase auto insurance.

Of course, not all insurance companies accept driving courses as a way to lower premiums and some are specific about which courses they accept and which ones they do not. If you’re interested in taking a driving course to lower your premiums or help avoid surcharges, you should speak with your insurance representative to see which courses are accepted.

If you get the green light to take a driving course to lower your premium, you should start by looking online for a course that works with your schedule and your needs. If you need help avoiding accidents, a defensive driving course may be the key. If you speed or are dangerous behind the wheel, perhaps a driver re-education course would be more appropriate. There are all types of courses to choose from, so look around carefully before deciding.


Driving School

After the course is completed, you’ll want to send in a certificate or other type of proof of completion to your insurer. Once received, you should get some type of notice in the mail about a rate reduction or surcharge cancellation. If you don’t receive this, call and make sure that your documentation was received.

You can also bargain to get your rate lowered. Call and simply ask for a lower rate. Even if an automatic deduction was made after your driving course, you can always call and ask for a bigger discount. If you’re denied, you can always shop around for a new insurer to get the rates you deserve for your hard work.

Getting a quote on a new, high-quality auto insurance policy is easy. Simply click the link below and fill out the necessary information to get started.

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