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There are many perks that come with being a government employee in Canada. Discounts on hotels, credit cards, and rental cars are just some of the advantages offered. Reduced rates on car insurance is yet another.  Every vehicle on the road must have insurance, no matter where you live in the country.  for it to be legally driven. Uninsured cars can result in fines and other penalties. Government employee discounts can help relieve some financial stress that can be related to keeping a vehicle insured.

Where Government Discounts Originate

The principal reason for the discounts offered to government employees is essentially due to the “buyer’s group” idea. Since government staff are often concentrated in certain locations, such as Ottawa, Toronto, and other big cities, offering discounts to the group may lead to concentrations of clients and word-of-mouth business, both effective marketing strategies.

How Discounts Are Set

Every car insurance company is different and there are no guidelines set that determine what government employee discounts should be. Each company establishes its own premiums and creates its own discounts. Comparison shopping should always include questions about what discounts are offered.

Family Member Benefits



Spouses and children may also be entitled to government employee discounts.  Anyone listed on a policy issued under a discount plan will benefit. Since each driver will affect the premium through their own driving records and amount of car usage, individual policies under a government discount program will vary, though all will receive the same discount.

Comparison shopping is always a prudent choice when selecting car insurance. Using QuoteFinder’s car insurance calculator tools on this page permits searching through dozens of car insurance providers to identify the companies providing the most affordable coverage to match your situation. It’s free and receiving a quote puts you under no obligation. Here’s a tip: when you contact the insurance company with the best rates, ask about any additional discount programs for which you may qualify, particularly where these can be combined with other discounts to add up to big savings. Enter your postal code above to begin the quote process.

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