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If you’re looking for the lowest car insurance rates in Ontario, you won’t find them in the Steel City. Then again, you’re not likely to see rates as high as the worst of the GTA either. Hamilton’s average car insurance premium cost rated above provincial equivalent averages in 2015. With the average premium made up of a number of factors and consumer choices, where you live and how insurance claims develop around you has a large impact on the price you pay.

How Hamilton Compares

Using a standard driver with a clean record, driving an average sedan, the provincial average auto insurance premium was about $1,525 in 2015. The same driver in Hamilton could expect to pay just under $2,000 for matching coverage, over 25 percent more than the provincial average. Hamilton was still $400 cheaper than Ontario’s hotspot of Brampton, where the standard motorist paid nearly $2,400 for the same coverage.

What Factors Influence Car Insurance Costs in Hamilton?

The number of accidents that result in car insurance claims and the cost to settle those claims has a big influence on how car insurance companies evaluate postal code regions when they set rates. Each company has its own formula for balancing these factors, attempting to get an edge over its competitors. Since statistical information by region will be common, however, there may be less variation between companies when it comes to geography, though there will be changes from insurer to insurer.

The most influential factor after location is the motorist’s own history. Traffic tickets, accidents, and previous claims will drive car insurance premiums up, as such a driver has a history of increased risk while on the road. A motorist with a long, claims-free insurance history, no tickets in about the last 3 to 5 years and no accident claims in the last 10 years will see the lowest rates, whether they live in Hamilton or Brampton.

Reducing Car Insurance Costs in Hamilton

The best place to start your search for low car insurance premiums is here on the QuoteFinder page. Entering your car insurance information and requirements produces the top low-cost coverage after searching dozens of car insurance providers. These quotes serve as the basis for comparison shopping, as you’ll see which companies offer the most aggressive pricing in your area and for your circumstances.

Once you’ve chosen a company, you can then inquire about other discounts that may be available to you, things such as claims-free driving discounts or senior’s discounts. Some insurers offer usage-based insurance using telematics devices installed in your car that collect information on how a car is driven, particularly braking, accelerating and time of day. A discount of five to ten percent is usually applied just for participating and further discounts may be available upon renewal.

Remember too that collision and comprehensive insurance are optional in Hamilton and the rest of Ontario, so that older second car may not need the same coverage as your main ride.

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