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With the explosive growth of the GTA, the Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge area has become a bedroom community for workers who need a break from the high costs of living that being near Toronto can bring. Though it makes for longer commutes, housing prices and the general smaller city experience are attractive to many. It does mean more miles spent on the road, so Kitchener does not have inexpensive car insurance premiums going for it. The good news is there are worse places in the province to be.

Ontario’s Car Insurance Cost-Reduction Efforts

Since Ontario has consistently had the highest car insurance rates in Canada, the provincial government has been active in attacking the high costs, introducing legislation to make claim settlement more affordable for insurers. While the province is lagging behind its 15 percent target, scheduled to be met in 2015, it is about two-thirds of the way there by early 2016, and some legislation has not had time to fully implement. While Kitchener drivers should see lower premiums resulting, there is also less protection as the government’s plan caps and combines coverage limits. To maintain the same coverage as previously available a motorist will have to add optional coverage to make up the difference.

The Best Car Insurance Rates in Kitchener

With the changing picture in both auto use and car insurance, it’s good to be aware of how you can control your premiums. There’s a large spread in car use in Kitchener. Not everyone is commuting east to the GTA to work. Using a car to drive to work daily adds to insurance costs compared to a pleasure use the only vehicle. When that commute can be 90 kilometers each way, car insurance premiums will be drastically higher than another Kitchener resident who drives less than 20 km per day.

The best way to ensure that you’re making the best decisions about car use and low-cost insurance, use the car insurance calculator here on QuoteFinder to run some what-if scenarios. GO Transit has increased service to Kitchener, so switching to transit and adjusting car insurance coverage may be an option for some people. The savings in car ownership costs may offset the cost of transit.

To use the car insurance calculator, enter all your personal data and car usage information, along with your desired insurance coverage. QuoteFinder will search through dozens of car insurance providers to find the best rates for your situation.

Now, run the search again with all the same information except this time assume that you’re using transit and your car is now either solely pleasure use or used to travel to and from your transit stop, say the VIA station on Weber Street, near Victoria and King Streets. The difference between the two quotes shows the potential insurance savings. Calculate fuel and maintenance cost differences to add to this and you’ll have an idea of the changes to your finances between the commuting scenarios.

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