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As a bedroom community in the Greater Montreal area, Longueuil sits to the south and east of its parent community and provides Montreal with much of its workforce. Second in size to Laval as a Montreal suburb, it is also the province of Quebec’s fifth largest community. Comparatively, property values are lower than the surrounding area, making it attractive to commuters and businesses alike. There’s a strong aerospace industry based in the city, home of the Canadian Space Agency, Pratt and Whitney Canada and Heroux-Devtek.

According to the last census, more Longueuil residents work in Montreal than in Longueuil itself. Only five routes across the St. Lawrence into Montreal serve motorists, and two of these are in Longueuil, the Jacques Cartier Bridge, and the Louis Hippolyte Lafontaine Tunnel.

Quebec’s SAAQ Public Car Insurance System

Quebec is unique in Canada, with a combined public and private car insurance program. Al Quebecers are protected against injuries from traffic accidents anywhere in the world through the SAAQ program, whether they own a car or not. In some circumstances, visitors to Quebec may also be eligible for coverage under the SAAQ system, depending on their share of responsibility for the accident.

No-Fault Provisions

The public car insurance portion doesn’t consider fault when settling personal injury accident claims. For an accident occurring in Quebec, no one can start a lawsuit against the person responsible for the accident for personal injuries, though that person is still at risk of being charged by police for traffic offenses. Conviction may lead to some benefits under the SAAQ program. For example, a motorist convicted of a DUI offense and imprisoned is likely to have income replacement benefits reduced while in prison.

Private Insurance in Quebec

Most insurance policies in Canada are made up of several sections, and Quebec is no different in that regard. Though Longueuil residents have personal injury protection through SAAQ, they must also maintain at least $50,000 in civil liability protection for legal use of Quebec roads. This protects the driver against damages caused to other people’s property. Most Quebec residents purchase more than minimum coverage, usually $1 million. Civil Liability coverage is handled by private insurers in the province.

The Lowest Car Insurance Rates in Longueuil

Though the public portion of auto insurance is the same for all Longueuil residents, the private portion is not. After minimum mandatory coverage, you have many options to customize your coverage. The best way to get started is through the QuoteFinder car insurance calculator. You can enter your specific information right here and obtain the lowest cost estimates from dozens of car insurance providers. The more accurate your information, the more accurate your quotes will be and you’ll know where to start when finalizing your policy. Is your current plan up for renewal? Use the calculator to assure you’re not paying more than you need.

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