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Mercedes-Benz Car Insurance Prospectus

Mercedes vehicles have a legacy of its own and the name Benz came from the creator Carl Benz who is famed for creating the first petrol-powered car in the world. Daimler Motors Corporation, a German company first started to market Mercedes as a brand as early as 1901. The merger of Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz’s company created the brand name Mercedes-Benz in 1926. Mercedes vehicle lines range from light commercial, passenger, and heavy commercial equipment. Manufacturing and assembling are done worldwide and these vehicles have been a pioneer in new innovative technologies for luxury and style.

Mercedes-Benz Car Insurance Impact

These cars are considered on the higher side of price due to the expensive built and technology. The parts and spares are not easily available and a replacement could cause costs to spiral upward.  Most Mercedes models increase the insurance costs. The replacement and repair costs are pretty high in the event of an accident when considering the car’s performance and value.

Insurance companies end up paying a huge sum in claims when the damaged car is a Mercedes Benz.  The models that have higher insurance premiums may be the Mercedes-Benz CLA and CLS. The insurance rates are comparatively lower for the Mercedes-Benz A, B, C and SLK-Class models. A positive aspect of these cars is that most Mercedes-Benz cars come fitted with advanced safety features that will benefit car insurance rates to an extent.

Mercedes-Benz Accident Benefit Performance

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There was a study done to research accident performance of cars during the period 2003 to 2007. As per this study, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class 4-door sedan models were found to be the safest. They were compared to other popular brands on the road. There were around 18748 collisions causing personal injury that were analyzed as part of the collisions statistics.  The data revealed that the number of drivers with injuries and fatalities driving a Mercedes was E-Class was around 10.4% lower than other car brands. With many safety features, this model became the benchmark in car manufacturing safety technology.

Mercedes-Benz Collision Costs

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has assessed that some of the Mercedes-Benz models have good safety ratings. The models were measured on their crashworthiness based on the level of protection to an occupant in a car in the event of a crash. Mercedes-Benz C-Class, M-Class, GLE-Class and of course E-Class models made it to the list for safety picks.

During a collision repair, the costs for repairing the aluminum body of Mercedes models are higher as aluminum parts are more expensive to replace. Labor costs are also higher for repairing aluminum bodied Mercedes vehicles compared to other steel bodied brands. Another factor is that the steel aftermarket parts are easily available compared to aluminum parts that are provided mostly by manufacturers.

Comprehensive Claim Costs for Mercedes Benz

On an average, the costs for comprehensive claims of Mercedes Benz cars are higher than average. Though a forerunner in safety, most of the high-performance models have higher comprehensive claims costs when damaged. Mercedes-Benz cars are not considered as theft prone vehicles. These cars do not feature on the list of most stolen vehicles maintained by the Insurance Bureau of Canada. The advanced safety features of these cars deter car thieves.


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