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Along the west edge of Toronto, Mississauga is the largest suburb by population in North America. It’s also the sixth-largest city in Canada. Its proximity to Toronto serves it well as a support town in the GTA. Pearson Airport is within its boundaries and the Queen Elizabeth Way and Highway 401 pass east/west through the city, to the south and north, respectively.

High traffic volume contributes to elevated car insurance premiums throughout the region, and Mississauga is no exception. However, since downtown Toronto is fairly close and accessible by roads and multiple transit options, auto insurance is not as excessively priced in Mississauga as it is in other GTA suburbs, though it remains above the provincial average, based on 2015 numbers.

Car Insurance Rates in Mississauga

A 2015 study looked at car insurance rates across the province, using a sample 35-year-old motorist with a clean driving record, owning a four-door sedan and selecting a standard auto insurance package. This driver, if residing in Mississauga, would pay about $2,000 a year for car insurance.

The same driver living in Kingston would pay a little over $1,000 for the same coverage. Put that driver in Toronto and they would pay about $20 more than Mississauga. Move from Mississauga to Brampton, on the northern border of the city, and it costs that hypothetical motorist another $400 annually for car insurance. Brampton is the most expensive address for car insurance in Canada. Provincially, the average driver pays around $1,500.

Factors Influencing Car Insurance Costs

Geography is only one factor that affects car insurance pricing. A motorist’s experience, driving record and claims history has a big effect, as does the make, model and year of the car. Insurance companies measure the risks of all these factors and more and create a premium that balances car insurance rates with risk.

Since an automobile insurance policy is, itself, made of several components, a driver has a good deal of control over what coverage is in place on their vehicle. This, in turn, can have a wide effect on the price of the policy. Every car on the road in Canada must have a minimum level of insurance coverage, usually built around third-party liability coverage. Collision and comprehensive insurance provide coverage for damage to your car. Those driving new vehicles typically carry collision and comprehensive coverage. The value may go down for some drivers as their car ages and they are more likely to replace rather than repair after an incident. Removing optional coverage, or raising deductible amounts can reduce car insurance premiums.

Comparison Shopping for Car Insurance

If your car insurance policy is up for renewal, or you’ve just bought a new car, you can find the cheapest options for car insurance in Mississauga by using QuoteFinder’s own car insurance calculator, available on this page. Enter your car and driving information as accurately as you can, and QuoteFinder’s search engines will scan through a wide range of car insurance companies and return you quotes from the most affordable providers. It’s a simple step to contact the company of your choice and make the change to cheaper car insurance.

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