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Heartland Farm Mutual Inc. was formed in January 2016 from the merger of North Waterloo Farmer Mutual and Oxford Mutual. The shared values and dedication that has gone into serving rural Ontario’s insurance needs for over 250 years combined. Trust Heartland Farm Mutual Inc. to protect your home, agriculture business, auto, farm, and commercial business. Heartland Farm Mutual Inc. continues to support local communities in the Mutual tradition. The same values remain intact and are still the very foundation of Heartland Farm Mutual.

Products and Services Available from Heartland Farm Mutual Inc.



  • Auto Insurance. Heartland Farm offers a complete and competitive coverage package to round out your insurance needs.
  • Commercial Insurance. Customized coverage at competitive rates and professional loss preventions services are just part of the risk management and consultation Homeland Farm Mutual can provide for your small business or large agricultural operation. Homeland Farm Mutual Inc.’s specialty is rural and agricultural businesses of all types and sizes.
  • Farm Insurance. Homeland Farm Mutual Inc. is one of the largest farm insurers in the province of Ontario, trust them to understand your business and know how to protect it. From small family farms to large agricultural operations the customized innovative coverage can consider all of your unique requirements and combine them in one of our special packages. Programs including Farm, Poultry, Poultry, Disease, Dairy, Hog, Beef, Goats, Horses, Sheep, Crops/Greenhouses, Hobby Farms, Replacement Cost, Barns & Outbuildings, Business Interruption (Loss of Income)Equipment & Machinery Livestock Farm Produce Farmers Accident/Injury Farm Liability
  • Residential Insurance. Talk to your Heartland broker about the coverage you need to give you peace of mind where you need it most. Your home. Reliable coverage but uniquely customized to suit your home Whether it’s a heritage property condo or cottage check the competitive rates.
  • Specialty Coverage. Heartland Farm Mutual has a very innovative and progressive approach to the changing world of the insurance industry such as coverage for your Antique Tractor, Hobby Farms, Poultry disease, Identity Theft, Home-based business, Mature Policyholder benefits, Functional Replacement cost.

Market Strength and Reliability for Homeland Farm Mutual Inc.

Homeland Farm Mutual Inc. retain their profits for future growth and investment such as upgrading their technology and product for a competitive edge. An all-Canadian company owned by our policyholders. Instead of paying profits to outside shareholders, they are retained for policyholders or returned as refunds. Expenses consist of claims payments plus administrative expenses to operate the company. There are only two sources of income for a purely mutual insurance company – policyholder premiums and investment income from the investment of surplus funds. The simple goal is to provide for the needs of the owning policyholders while ensuring the mutual remains financially stable.

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