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As a member of the Canadian insurance industry for over 25 years, Pafco is a specialized auto insurance provider serving the non-standard auto insurance market. The regular car insurance market doesn’t offer car insurance to certain segments of the driving population, or if coverage is available, it may be restrictive and expensive.

Pafco’s hallmark is the ability to write non-standard policies to cover these drivers at competitive prices. Brokers who represent Pafco have an additional tool in their arsenal to offer clients. Pafco coverage allows motorists to improve their car insurance histories and therefore, over time, premiums become affordable again. As part of the Pembridge Insurance group, that broker network is extensive. Pafco underwrites auto insurance in Alberta, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. Since Quebec’s public insurance covers only personal injury and not collision and comprehensive coverage, Pafco is represented in Quebec for purposes of issuing private portions of auto insurance coverage. The company has no brokers in Prince Edward Island or Newfoundland and Labrador.

Products and Services Available from Pafco Insurance Company


·         Third Party Liability. Legal liability for injury or damage to other people or their property.

·         Uninsured Automobile. For amounts related to bodily injury or death caused by an at-fault uninsured or unidentified vehicle.

·         Accident Benefits. Coverage for medical treatment, rehabilitation, funeral expenses, death benefits and loss of income.

·         Physical Damage to the vehicle. Pays for damage to your vehicle and equipment. There are four types available: Collision or Upset, Comprehensive, All Perils and Specified Perils.

·         Compliance and understanding of the new 2016 Ontario Auto Reform changes and how they will impact clients.

·         MY_Bridge (Savings in Ontario, Alberta and Nova Scotia Only) My_BRIDGETM is a new technology solution designed to save drivers money on their car insurance. By using a telematics device, My_BRIDGETM is designed to reward the safe driving behaviour by recording when and how many kilometers are driven as well as how safe the vehicle is operated.

Market Strength and Reliability for Pafco Insurance Company

Pafco exists as an alternative to the Facility Association, the insurance industry body that arranges insurance for residual market clients. The Facility Association is funded by the compulsory membership of the insurance companies operating in the provinces that the Association serves. The mission of the Association is to deliver coverage through facilitation between motorists and insurers, specialty underwriting policies that high-risk drivers can’t obtain through the competitive market. One aspect of the Facility Association’s mandate is to keep the residual market as small as possible, encouraging companies such as Pafco to deliver niche coverage within the conventional insurance industry. The Facility Association doesn’t operate in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba or Quebec, where provinces administer some or all of the auto insurance coverage and where alternatives for the residual market exist.

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