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There is much unique in Canada’s French province. In 2016, Ontario is just getting beer sales in grocery stores, whereas you’ve been able to cross the street from your restaurant and buy beer or wine from the corner store before returning to your meal. The European flair in the old parts of Montreal and Quebec City is unique in the country, and even rural destinations seem from another time and place compared to similar areas elsewhere in Canada.

Car insurance is one of a kind as well, with the only public/private hybrid system in the country, resulting in some of the cheapest car insurance premiums going. Certainly, of the four provinces that feature public car insurance programs, Quebec’s is by far the most successful at keeping coverage affordable.

Unique Features of Quebec Insurance

Not only is every Quebec-registered driver insured against injury or death from a motor vehicle accident in the province, they are also covered if that accident occurs anywhere in the world. Not only that, but tourists visiting Quebec may also be covered.

Quebec’s public insurance is built around a no-fault model. Quebec motorists involved in accidents in the province are covered, regardless of who is responsible for the accident. The no-fault principle ignores the reasons for an accident and no one can initiate legal proceedings against the person who caused the accident. However, if the at-fault driver committed an offense, you may still be subject to legal proceedings under the Highway Safety Code and Quebec Criminal Code. There are circumstances where a conviction may affect your entitlement to insurance payouts.

Though the provincial plan will cover injuries in accidents outside of Quebec, you may still be liable for legal action under the jurisdiction of governments where the accident occurred.

While the personal injury is covered under the Quebec public plan, you’re still required to hold privately obtained civil liability coverage of at least $50,000 for damage you might cause to other peoples’ property.

Car Insurance Costs

As mentioned, this hybrid system results in the lowest average car insurance premium in Canada. In 2011, the Fraser Institute conducted a study of premiums across Canada, analyzing the cost and affordability of car insurance. Quebec’s coverage cost, on average, $642 annually. Calculated as a percentage of the average person’s disposable income, the province also led the country with 2.5 percent, also the lowest total nationwide.

Comparing to Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia, the other provinces with public car insurance programs, Quebec has the only public plan regarded as affordable. The other public insurance programs are the most expensive in the country, after Ontario.

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