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Located roughly about the centre of the settled area of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon is the largest city in Canada’s middle prairie province. With a metropolitan region approaching 300,000 people and one of the fastest growth rates in Canada, Saskatoon is a centre for potash, oil and wheat production. Saskatoon is bisected by the South Saskatchewan River and it’s noted for the bridges that connect the city. Home to the University of Saskatchewan, the city also has a number of other post-secondary institutions, making education a strong part of the economy as well.

Saskatoon drivers cope with typical urban traffic complaints, aggravated by the limited number of river crossings. Though the provincial car insurance system is public, the area of residence is a factor that affects car insurance premiums, so residents inside the city who drive to and from work daily are likely to pay more than motorists using the Saskatoon bus-based public transit system, or other Saskatchewan residents beyond the city limits.

Saskatchewan’s Public Auto Insurance System

The Saskatchewan Government Insurance auto fund insures all Saskatoon motorists through public plate insurance. This is mandatory coverage that applies to all vehicles in the province. The plan and coverage is somewhat different from car insurance in other provinces, even those with public car insurance programs of their own. Basic plate insurance is purchased when you buy or renew your car’s license plates, giving the coverage its name.

Plate insurance covers three main sections. Third party liability is standard in most jurisdictions, and Saskatchewan’s program provides up to $200,000 of coverage. Most Saskatoon motorists opt for a higher amount, as accident settlements exceeding $200,000 may be paid out of pocket if a driver is at fault. Personal injury insurance is the second coverage. This protects you regardless of who caused the accident and covers medical and rehabilitation expenses. Death and disability benefits also come under this section.

Collision insurance is optional in most provinces, but a driver in Saskatoon has some collision coverage through plate insurance. This coverage even includes some non-collision coverage that usually only falls under comprehensive insurance endorsements. While Saskatchewan’s car insurance is one of the higher cost in the country, basic coverage does have features other provinces are lacking.

Affordable Car Insurance in Saskatchewan

Without a competitive marketplace for auto insurance, Saskatoon drivers have only a few options to control the price of their car insurance premiums. With plate insurance mandatory, there is a minimum cost below which auto insurance can’t fall. While declining all optional coverage is possible, most Saskatoon drivers will take additional coverage, but control the overall cost by choosing smaller or larger deductibles for optional collision and comprehensive coverage to match their needs and budget. Increased uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage is another popular option to ensure after-accident economic costs are covered.

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