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TD Insurance is one of the services that TD Bank Group offers. TD Bank Group is one of the largest financial organizations and leading insurance groups in Canada. There are over 3,000 individuals working in the company across Canada. Since 2001, TD Insurance has extended their range of insurance services and products.

TD Insurance general insurance services include home, auto, and life insurance. TD Insurance general insurance packages can be customized to fit your needs. This is because they have various levels of insurance coverage available.

Home Insurance

TD offers three levels of home insurance: Gold, Platinum, and Platinum Plus. The Gold option is the most affordable option. It offers full comprehensive risk coverage for your home and belongings due to water, weather, and fire damage.

The Platinum coverage increases the amount that is covered by your insurance policy. It also covers items that have been unexplainably misplaced or lost. The amount covered for specialty items like bikes and jewelry is also increased.

The Platinum Plus is the most expensive option. However, it has the highest level of coverage. It comes with all the coverage included in the other levels. There is also no obligation to rebuild your home or replace your property at this level. However, this is mandatory with the other levels. There is also additional extra protection to your insurance policy. This includes oil damage, identify theft, and earthquake insurance.

Auto Insurance

TD insurance offers two levels of auto insurance. Mandatory coverage is the minimum coverage that you need to have to drive a vehicle legally. In most provinces, this includes liability, direct compensation, uninsured/unidentified auto coverage, and accident.

Enhanced coverage covers more like a loss due to flood, hail, fire, or theft. It also includes comprehensive and collision coverage. Along with the packages, TD Insurance also offers special coverage add-ons. The add-ons can be added to both packages. So, you can decide what ones that you need and can be added as needed. There is also a Right Fit Cover Assessment. This makes it easier to know what services are recommended for you and your car.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance

TD’s life insurance is done in terms, and each term has its own coverage. There is a ‘Right Fit Coverage Assessment’ that will help you decide the best option is for your home. Your coverage will depend on your lifestyle, age, and health problems.


TD Insurance offers great insurance products. There are different levels of coverage that you can select from. TD also makes it easy to change the coverage that you need since they have a wide range of insurance products. The general insurance line is the most popular service that TD offers. This is open to both people who use their banking services and new customers can enjoy this service.

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