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Started by Canadian farmers in the forties, The Co-operators has small-town roots. Because their business is built around community, it’s a bit different than your average insurance company. Unlike a corporation, The Co-operators are controlled by their members. In addition to this, they contribute at least 1% of their gross profits back into the community through charity. This all sounds fine and dandy, but are their policies and plans as good for the customer as they are for the community? Let’s find out.

The Co-operators Car Insurance

The type of car insurance that The Co-operators can offer you really depends on which province you live in. Different plans are offered in areas where the local government has some sort of coverage for the public. All plans from The Co-operators have certain basic features.

  • Plan Coverage: Each plan from The Co-operators comes with liability, accident benefits, and uninsured vehicle protection. For some provinces, they also provide coverage for accidents where the driver was not completely at fault. If you’re looking for more than that, you can add bonus features like comprehensive coverage and accident forgiveness.
  • New Initiatives: Like many other insurance companies, The Co-operators have usage-based premiums. Are you a cautious driver? If so, these plans can offer you some great discounts on your careful driving habits. And for those who are worried about their bad habits, don’t worry. Plans do not go up based on the member’s usage. They can only go down if your driving is safe.
  • The Good Actual: Co-operators customers praise the company for how quick and easy it is to start a claim. Furthermore, because the company is so large, it’s easy to find an advisor near you if you prefer face to face interactions. In the spectrum of premium prices, The Co-operators rank on the low end. If your main concern is saving dollars, they might be right for you.
  • The Bad and The Ugly: From what we can gauge, the claims department at The Co-operators may be more interested in bottom lines than resolving issues. The company has a pretty low rating on third party review websites. Even loyal customers seem to have issues when it finally comes time to close a claim. While you may get a good deal with The Co-operators, it may not pay in the long run.

Final Verdict

low price

The Co-operators offer easy access and low prices to Canadians. What they seem to lack on is the customer experience. Things may be okay for you unless you run into a sticky situation. You may then find yourself wishing you had dished out a few more dollars for more reputable service.

In conclusion, the idea of The Co-operators is a good one. Actual members controlling the actions of the company has to promise. The plans have lots of custom options to fit anyone’s needs. Where things don’t add up is in the treatment of customers. To merit a recommendation, this insurance company has to ease up on their claims department.


About the Author: Robert Davis

He is an insurance content professional with vast knowledge and a special aptitude and interest in imparting insurance education. He has authored many articles on insurance.

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