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While most motorists don’t think about the cost of car insurance when purchasing a vehicle, those who do could save hundreds in operating costs each year. Not every vehicle is equal in the eyes of the insurance industry. A model’s history and reputation could follow it year to year and influencing the price of a consumer’s policy.

However, there are many factors that affect how an individual driver’s auto policy adds up, and the make, year and model of their car is only one of those factors. Two drivers with the same car most likely pay different amounts due to all the other factors that come into play when pricing a policy. The car does still matter, though, so let’s examine the points that affect pricing, up and down, for car insurance premiums.

Car Model Factors that Affect Insurance Costs

When you’re looking at vehicles traditionally popular with families, you’re already looking at a class of vehicles that usually falls into the affordable to insure category. Family drivers tend to be safe operators and drawn to vehicles convenient to the family lifestyle. Those are usually four-door sedans, minivans and sport-utility vehicles. These have plenty of access for child safety seats and storage space for the extras and add-ons that busy families acquire.

Often these are best-selling, popular models too, and this helps with parts, keeping repair costs down when insurance claims are made. When a vehicle develops a reputation for low-cost repairs, insurance companies take note. In Canada, the Insurance Bureau of Canada publishes data showing how all makes and models stack up. The clever consumer uses this information – which is also used by insurers – to identify models that may prove more affordable to insure.

Car theft is not the problem it once was, as anti-theft devices, both factory, and aftermarket, become more effective. However, it’s still a factor. Models more attractive to thieves will carry that trait into the insurance market and raise costs for all drivers with these cars. For the lowest insurance costs, avoid vehicles with high theft ratings.

Safety performance is another key area affecting the affordability of a particular vehicle model. When occupants are less likely to be injured in typical collisions, insurance companies are less likely to incur accident benefits claims. That win-win situation means the vehicle provides a downward nudge on the cost of policies.

The Cheapest Cars to Insure in 2017

money and car

The list of vehicles with the lowest insurance costs from 2017 includes several models that are very family-friendly, including the Dodge Grand Caravan, a seven-passenger minivan with plenty of storage room and seating configurations. Honda has two models – the Odyssey LX and CR-V LX – placing in the top ten. Minivan and SUV respectively, these models offer similar benefits to families as the Grand Caravan, though the CRV is of a smaller scale. Jeep also places several models in the top ten, with the most family-friendly being the Cherokee Base 2 wheel drive version, though the Patriot Sport 2 wheel drive is popular with young families with active lifestyles.

The insurance market changes nearly as fast as the new car market, so stay up to date on trends. Use insurance industry sources and ask for advice from brokers and agents if you’re looking for the absolute lowest costs on car insurance.

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He is an insurance content professional with vast knowledge and a special aptitude and interest in imparting insurance education. He has authored many articles on insurance.

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