Canada’s largest city is also home to some of North America’s worst traffic jams. Commuters in the Greater Toronto Area can even have longer average drives to work than even the smog-choked freeways of Los Angeles. Lately, Vancouver has been edging Toronto, and improvements are being made in the GTA, but it remains that if you want a short drive to work, Toronto is not your town.

All that driving has an impact on the cost of operating a car. Not only will you spend more on gas than a driver travelling the same distance in non-congested traffic, there are specific wear-and-tear aspects that free-moving traffic doesn’t cause. And let’s not forget car insurance. With the extra time spent on heavily travelled roads, the greater the risk that you will have a traffic incident that results in an insurance claim. Even if you don’t, those in your area who do drive insurance company statistics way up, and you will end up paying more if you live in an area with a history of higher claims.

Car Insurance Costs in Toronto

All of the GTA suffers to an extent from higher car insurance premium. A recent study considered an average driver with an average car, choosing an average auto insurance policy. Calculating annual premiums, the study found that this driver would pay from $1,014 to $2,393 depending on where in Ontario the driver lived. That’s a spread of almost $1,400.

The average Toronto driver paid just over $2,000 under that study’s test scenario. In the surrounding area, Mississauga, Thornhill, and Markham all paid less than Toronto, while Vaughan, Woodbridge, and Brampton all paid more. Brampton has the dishonourable mention of the most expensive area in Canada for car insurance.

Factors that place Toronto under the higher priced suburbs could include car owners driving less and using transit more. Car insurance fraud seems to be rampant in the northwest of Toronto and Brampton. Inflated insurance claims due to crime may be driving up claims costs and car insurance premiums as a result.

Finding Low-Cost Auto Insurance in Toronto

Though insurance companies draw from the same statistical data to calculate car insurance premiums, each company uses its own “recipe” to try to gain an edge over its competitors. For that reason, not every car insurance company will charge you the same price.

The best way to narrow the field and identify who has the lowest cost insurance for your needs is through the QuoteFinder car insurance calculator. It’s a free service that’s anonymous as well. You can enter the pertinent driving and personal information without identifying yourself. You can even get a quote while car shopping, to see if one vehicle costs less to insure. QuoteFinder will take your information and identify the lowest prices for the insurance you want. You can then choose your insurance company with confidence that you’re getting a competitive price. The more accurate the information you enter into the calculator, the more accurate your quotes will be.