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Doubling in size between 1991 and 2006, Vaughan was Canada’s fastest growing city around the turn of the 21stCentury. It’s now the fifth-largest city in the GTA and Canada’s 17th largest municipality. Though in the top 20 of Canadian cities by population, it is the largest in Canada with no hospital within its boundaries. Residents rely on the Humber River Regional Hospital in Toronto, the Brampton Civic Hospital or the Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital. A hospital for Vaughan is in the planning stages with completion scheduled for 2019.

With Highway 400 dividing the city in half, north to south, and Highway 407 providing an east/west corridor along the southern edge, the remainder of the grid-like roads feed into these major arteries. The north half of the city is largely rural. Though Vaughan is at the north edge of the GTA, it’s fully immersed in the high-cost auto insurance issues of the area. The southern part of the city is subject to heavy congestion and car insurance fraud may be affecting the area and driving premiums up.

Car Insurance Costs in Vaughan

Vaughan is second only to Brampton in high car insurance premiums based on geographical location in Canada. A 2015 survey compared a standard driver and insurance policy, changing only postal codes, to determine where the most expensive car insurance costs in Ontario were. Vaughn came in a mere $51 cheaper than Brampton, at $2, 342 annually for auto insurance. Toronto itself was over $300 less expensive, while Richmond Hill, Vaughn’s neighbour to the east, was almost $600 cheaper. The average Ontario driver in this survey paid around $1,500 a year.

The Cheapest Car Insurance in Vaughan

For the motorist trying to keep car insurance prices down, most options require reduced coverage or increased deductibles. Ontario’s mandatory insurance coverage does not include collision or comprehensive coverage. A driver could drop these parts of an insurance policy, but then stands the risk of having to bear repair costs alone in the event of an incident.

Despite the popular opinion that insurance companies charge about the same for any car insurance policy, this is, in fact, a rather major misconception. Insurers do not calculate their rates in the same way. Each will look at all of the factors that influence car insurance costs and they will devise their own method of calculating premiums, hoping to stay more profitable than their competitors. That bit of actuarial crystal ball gazing can pay off for the car insurance customer if they are prepared to do a little comparison shopping.

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