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There aren’t many times that it pays to be a woman, but when buying auto insurance in Toronto you may find yourself feeling lucky to be a lady. While it’s well known that women pay less for car insurance than men, the reasons are sometimes obscure. If you’re wondering why your premiums are lower than your husband’s, read on to discover some of the reasons insurance companies charge female patrons less to drive than their male counterparts.


Generally speaking, women are more careful than men when behind the wheel. As a result, women are responsible for far fewer claims than men. However, the tides may be turning on this point as women are becoming more aggressive behind the wheel and they are accounting for more competitive driving accidents.

Women drive less

When being a stay-at-home mom was common, women hardly ever had to drive more than a few miles from their home. Men, on the other hand, have always been the primary breadwinners, often traveling huge distances to and from work. Because of the daily commute, men spent more time on the road and had more opportunities to be involved in an accident. Again though, the changes in gender roles are putting women on the road just as much as men in many cases, causing the number of accidents and claims to rise.

Lower damage levels

Even with women accounting for a greater number of claims, the type of claims being submitted by women is different. Generally speaking, it’s more common for women to get small dents or scratches than major damage. Statistically speaking, men drive faster and thus are prone to higher impact crashes that cause more damage and cost insurance companies more money.

 Law abiding

Finally, women are privy to lower cost insurance because they’re more likely to follow the laws. Women tend to pay more attention to speed limits and traffic rules than men leading to fewer violations, fewer fines, fewer tickets and lower car insurance premiums.

So what can you do if you’re a man? Well, for starters you can add a female driver to your policy. Whether it’s your wife or a live-in girlfriend, adding a female driver should help lower your insurance costs.

You can also shop around for your insurance plan. While car insurance will always be less expensive for women than men, the cost of car insurance varies between providers. By finding the right company, you can save significant money on your insurance premiums without having to change your gender or go through other drastic measures. Click on the link below to get a quote and see how much you can save on your auto insurance premium.

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