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Windsor bears the odd distinction of being the only Canadian city that is located due south of a major American city. The southwestern end of Ontario forms a peninsula between Lake Huron, Lake St. Clair, and Lake Erie, with the Detroit River connecting the latter two. This geographical situation has led to some influences from the city of Detroit. On the positive side, Windsor saw growth as an industrial centre due to its proximity to the auto industry giants in Michigan. Along with Oshawa, it was the hotspot for the early stages of Canada’s own auto industry. Less notably, Windsor is one of Canada’s smoggiest cities, largely from coal-fired power plants and other industry on the America side.

Windsor’s economy remains based on manufacturing, with tourism, education, and government services also major contributors. Caesars Windsor attracts much U.S. attention as one of the largest casinos in Canada. The city is also the western terminus of the Windsor-Quebec City transportation corridor, along which over half the population of Canada lives. VIA trains and Highway 401 begin here, creating a continuous rail and road spine for Ontario and Western Quebec.

Car Insurance Costs in Windsor

With a metro region a little over 300,000 in population, Windsor is the 16th largest in Canada. Traffic congestion is aggravated by the proximity to water to the north and west, limiting room for expansion along the river. Traffic within the city is often affected by congestion due to border crossings into the U.S. Lines of trucks in excess of eight kilometers have been experienced, leading to unsafe conditions along the feeder routes to the Ambassador Bridge.

Historically, car insurance rates, though, don’t rival the heavy urban rates seen in Toronto and Hamilton. Even Windsor’s closest big-city relative, London, has higher rates overall. Windsor has been historically about the middle of car insurance rates in Ontario.

Finding the Lowest Cost Car Insurance in Windsor

The Ontario car insurance market is highly regulated and highly competitive. Sorting through the dozens of car insurance providers is a chore for any motorist. You can, however, get an accurate picture of car insurance prices in Windsor and surrounding areas by using a car insurance calculator that includes your postal code, such as the one here at QuoteFinder.

Enter your data, driving history, vehicle history, and driving needs, and QuoteFinder will search through those providers to determine who offers the best and most affordable coverage for your residence and vehicle. With this information, you can knowledgeably approach the insurance companies who will be most effective and most affordable for you.

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