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Good day. My name is Chad Balkissoon and I have been working in the insurance industry for 14 years now, 3 years working for an insurance company and 11 years working for the brokerage. This experience has given me the benefit in learning both sides of the business, providing you with a deeper knowledge and better understanding of the insurance industry
Corinne Jones Corinne Jones
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Hello! I am a professional editor and proofreader with a Bachelor of Arts, Honours, in English and History. I have spent hundreds of hours writing and re-writing research essays, articles, and creative fiction pieces. As a member of the Editors' Association of Canada, I am dedicated to improving my skill set. I enjoy working with a wide variety of clients while I work towards taking my Certified Professional Editor (CPE) exams. I also enjoy blog content and short article writing. My strong grasp of the English language, both oral and written, combined with my attention to detail and grammatical prowess contributes to my number one goal: customer satisfaction. Let me partner with you to bring your project to life!
Tom Nguyen Tom Nguyen
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